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About me

Hi there!! I'm Natalia and I'm the owner and photographer here at ChocolateBox! This is the part in which I'm supposed to tell you all about my glorious self (and business too) ... :) things about what I like to wear, why I'm willing to spend that $5 on Starbucks instead of brewing my own for $.05 and who means the most in my life.

Well I'll start by telling you that I'm just an emotion junkie! I looove shooting babies and kids (wow...that just sounds so wrong) lol, but really, I love what I do because I get to see joy and happiness through my lense every day, so I approach each session with lots of enthusiasm to try to keep those emotions forever in my art.

I'm a business & marketing major by education but art is what flows through my veins, I love colors and textures and light! so photography is simply a match made in heaven for me. I'm from the wonderful city of Barranquilla in Colombia (where Shakira & the super hot chick from modern family are from) , I am married to the smartest man in the planet, and most importantly I am E's mommy.

If you are looking for someone to deliver traditional studio portraits I may not be the right gal for you, but If you love candid moments, exuberant colors and are ready to laugh until your sides hurt email me or call me I will be the Chocolate to your peanut butter :)

P.S: If you wanna get to know me a little better follow me on Facebook, Twitter or check out my blog for my latest work and adventures!